General Assembly require a very specific set of features : Voting rights, Voting weights, Quorum, etc.. When you pair these features with live event and real time voting and broadcast options you get the perfect virtual / hybrid solution.

The Klipso general assembly management software simplifies the preparation of online general assemblies, allowing participants to register, consult general assembly documents, and vote online. With the management of votes and quorums of general assemblies, the Klipso software can also calculate the results of votes in real-time, enabling faster decision-making.

Furthermore, the Klipso general assembly management software offers real-time broadcasting features to enable virtual and hybrid participation, which is becoming increasingly important for companies with members or shareholders in different geographical locations. By allowing online participation, Klipso AG can help reduce travel costs, increase participation, and improve accessibility for all members.

Finally, the Klipso general assembly management software facilitates online voting for general assemblies. Participants can vote from any device connected to the internet, making it easier for them to participate and ensuring that their vote is accurately counted

Manage voting scenarios

Voting in advance, live voting or giving voting power to someone else, you decide !

Secure your Quorum

Having virtual / hybrid option helps you make sure your quorum is reached by getting a maximum number of participant to vote.

Go hybrid or virtual

While going virtual is a good option, making on-site possible is even better : you can stream the session and allow both on-site and virtual pacticipants to vote in sync.

Webcast and Stream Assembly

Capture your on-site session and resolutions presentation and stream it to the virtual audience to allow them voting in real time.

Let your voters interact

Whether it’s questions or chat, our interaction tools let you manage how you want your audience to interact.

We can set it up for you

You’ll just have to click next on the D-Day as we can load all your resolution and set up all the voting questions for you.


Klipso AG is dedicated to General Assemblies management : quorum, voting rights and weights, live voting or voting in advance. A packaged and turnkey solution to quickly set up voting assemblies, from simple to complex.

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Trusted by

  • Colloque des sanctions 2023

    Colloque des sanctions 2023

    During the General Assembly of Colloque des Sanctions on October 12, 2023, Leni managed the paid registration of participants. Leni implemented a sophisticated system, including the sending of confirmations with personalized QR codes and PDA access control. Thanks to this, the registration and access process was optimized, with real-time updates in the Klipso database. This contribution greatly facilitated the logistical management of the 16th colloquium of the Sanctions Commission, providing a smooth and secure experience for participants.

  • CMA 2021

    CMA 2021

    A state-owned public establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the CMA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is working to ensure that the place of craftsmanship is fully recognized in the regional and local economy. Before the meeting, we made sure to export the file of participants given by our client. On November 30, 2021, the day of the GA, participants were able to log in to the platform and vote.

  • Ordre des Experts Comptables Aquitaine 2021

    Ordre des Experts Comptables Aquitaine 2021

    The Ordre des Experts Comptables is the professional order bringing together chartered accountants in France. Its vocation is to manage and animate the largest French network of liberal professionals at the service of the company. To meet our client’s request, we have provided participants with a registration platform allowing them to seize their power ahead of the event. On June 18, 2021, the day of the general assembly, participants could vote live and had a hotline service available to them.

  • Petits Frères des Pauvres 2021

    Petits Frères des Pauvres 2021

    Les Petits Frères des Pauvres is a French charity, recognized as being of public utility. We supported our client during his general meeting on September 18, 2021 by setting up an online registration platform that allows participants to seize their powers ahead of the event. The participants’ experience was optimized during the GA, thanks to streaming voting and live voting. A hot line service was also made available.

  • AG2R


    AG2R La Mondiale is a French non-profit organization for social and asset protection. Its governance is based on parity and mutualism. We provided 6 general meetings from May 10 to 12 on behalf of our client. We have set up an online registration system allowing participants to vote live or remotely, to vote in person, to give their proxy as well as to vote by mail. During general assemblies, participants could vote live and interact through group chat. The results of the vote were displayed live in the dashboard and hotline.

  • Grande Loge féminine 2021

    Grande Loge féminine 2021

    The Grande Loge féminine is a French Masonic obedience born in 1952 whose members are exclusively female. For the smooth running of the general meeting held on May 28 and 29, 2021, we have set up a pre-registration platform ahead of the event. Thanks to Klipso AG, our client could manage powers on a single platform. We also created a live platform that allowed participants to follow the GA and vote directly on their device.