Bringing public to an event becomes easy with Klipso : you can either set up classic registrations or simple ticketing and choose categories ( VIP, Free, Paid options, etc..)


Sell tickets to your event, include early bird, VIP pass, etc.. in your offer.


Klipso is fully integrated with Leni, a leader in onsite services : Access control, AV, equipment rental, display…


Shall you need a website to showcase your event, use Klipso CMS to create astonishing pages.


Want to share (or sell) access to event’s highlights by broadcasting (Live or Replay) to all or selected audiences ?


It’s good to have e-commerce options around the corner to sell access to specific events, merchandising, or sponsorship.


Klipso B2C  is a global set of features to choose from whether you need participant management, partners, conference tools or engage your audiences through activities and gamification set of features, all integrated to.

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  • Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

    Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

    The Cannes Yachting Festival, an essential event in the world of international yachting, took place from September 12th to 17th in Cannes. As a service provider, Leni was honored to participate in this event by offering a comprehensive range of services under Klipso, including pre-registration forms, a public online ticketing system, on-site solutions for both professionals and the general public, as well as a hotline to ensure a seamless experience for all participants. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for innovation drive us to support renowned events like the Cannes Yachting Festival.

  • Foire de Paris 2023

    Foire de Paris 2023

    During the Foire de Paris, held from April 27th to May 8th, Leni brilliantly showcased their on-site management expertise. As a key participant in this iconic event, Leni played an essential role in coordinating and implementing an unforgettable experience for the attendees. The Foire de Paris, an internationally renowned trade show that began in 1904, welcomes a multitude of visitors each year to explore a diverse range of products and services. Leni’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and captivating experience elevated the prestige of the fair, thereby contributing to its ongoing success over the decades.

  • Bordeaux’s Jumping International

    Bordeaux’s Jumping International

    The Jumping International is a world-renowned equestrian event that takes place annually in Bordeaux, France. It is a major sporting event that brings together the world’s best riders and horses in a show jumping competition. To meet our client’s demand, we provided access control services for the event. We implemented security measures to ensure that only authorized individuals could access the event. For this purpose, we used customized badge systems and scanners to verify participants’ identities at the entrance. By providing this service, we contributed to the safety and smooth running of the event. To meet our client’s demand, we implemented a voting system for spectators with interactive functionality. For this, we used the Klipso platform, which allowed spectators to vote in real time from their smartphones or tablets. This platform was user-friendly and intuitive, maximizing spectator participation. The votes were tallied in real time, and the results were displayed on a giant screen for all spectators to follow the voting progress. This interactive feature created an engaging and immersive experience for the spectators. By actively involving them in the event, it fostered their engagement and emotional connection. Moreover, it also allowed for the collection of data on spectator preferences, which can be useful for event analysis and the improvement of future editions.

  • Clermont-Ferrand Fair 2021

    Clermont-Ferrand Fair 2021

    The Clermont Ferrand (Centre France Evènements): fair is a family and friendly gathering, with an entertainment program and commercial stands with more than 10,800 visitors / day and 40,000 m² of surface area. To meet our client needs, we have set up a ticketing system, access control and generation of statistics module.

  • Grenoble Fair
    by Alexpo 2021

    Grenoble Fair
    by Alexpo 2021

    With 40,000 m² of exhibition space, the Grenoble fair is the largest ephemeral commercial showcase in Isère with several universes: Housing, furnitures, cars, crafts, multimedia and gastronomies. To answer to our client’s needs, we have set up an online and on-site ticketing system. The organizer could keep an eye on the evolution of his performance thanks to the statistics module. The on-site access control was also carried out by us.

  • Paris Photo
    by Reed 2021

    Paris Photo
    by Reed 2021

    Paris Photo is an international fair dedicated to the photographic professionals which is held every year in the heart of Paris. The event brings together nearly 200 exhibitors from all over the world, offering collectors and art lovers a comprehensive panorama of photography. We set up for our client a suitable ticketing solution with online payment. We also took care of on-site access management.

  • Salon de l’agriculture
    Comexposium 2021

    Salon de l’agriculture
    Comexposium 2021

    The “Salon de l’agriculture”  is an annual trade fair organized in Paris by Comexposium. It is the largest agricultural fair in France in terms of size addressed to the general public. To meet the needs of our client, we have implemented various technical solutions to secure and manage access controls on site. We have also set up a data space that allows to generate statistics and measure performance in real time.  

  • Foire de Paris
    Comexposium 2021

    Foire de Paris
    Comexposium 2021

    Foire de Paris is the meeting place where shopping, innovations, gastronomies and crafts coexist. This is an event organized by Comexposium (a company specializing in the organization of events). We supported our client on the management of on-site access controls and the generation of statistics in order to measure their performance in real time.