Managing both online and onsite : from call to abstract to pre-registration. Providing top-notch onsite preview but also with virtual / hybrid capacities, Klipso is known to deliver strong end-to-end solutions for conferences and congresses organizers.

Manage members and participants

Member status check, registration based on category, tracks or sessions can be managed through Klipso

Manage complex content

Hybrid, PPT, with medias… online or onsite we manage all workflows in session rooms and live media broadcast. Be agile with the program and reflect last minute updates even to the mobile app !

Make it easy for speakers

From on-site preview room with years of expertise : hundreds of congress and conferences use Klipso preview tools & IT solutions. provide a similar experience to remote speakers.

Hybrid that really work

We have successfully migrated on-site preview tools to a user-friendly SaaS solution : speakers remain with a familiar environment with the Speaker virtual room where an administrator helps them through video chat to get ready for their presentation, while participant can experience flawless presentation onsite or online .

Manage sponsors or exhibition

Whether you have a simple list of premium sponsor or a large exhibition, our Savoir-faire in managing large tradeshows comes in handy : monetization, portals, online search and minister, mobile app features or lead retrieval : we have it all

On-site expertise

Besides top-notch software and virtualization, we have years of expertise in bring onsite experience from digital posters to badging or access control, and of course speaker preview ond content workflow / broadcast in rooms.


Klipso congress & conference is a specific set of features, all integrated to choose from whether you need participant management, partners, conference tools or track leads for your sponsors. With a unique hybrid offer, Klipso also delivers a strong expertise in on-site preview and content room management

Klipso congress

Trusted by

  • IPEM Cannes 2024

    IPEM Cannes 2024

    During the IPEM event in Cannes from January 23rd to 25th, Leni provided a comprehensive service including basic integration as well as intelligent on-site access control. Thanks to these services, participants enjoyed secure and efficient management of their event access. Leni demonstrated professionalism and commitment to participant satisfaction, contributing to the overall success of the event in Cannes.

  • EPL 2023 Congress

    EPL 2023 Congress

    At the recent EPL Congress 2023, Leni provided on-site management services. Focused on computerized check-in, this service significantly streamlined the participant registration process. Leni’s efficiency allowed organizers to validate the credentials of each participant without compromising the smoothness of access.

  • Les Hivernales 2024

    Les Hivernales 2024

    From January 25 to 28, 2024, UNIMEV organized “Les Hivernales”, a major gathering of event professionals. Leni played a key role by providing its congress management software, offering innovative and efficient management of paid registrations for this significant event.

    Thanks to our congress management software solution, participants enjoyed a simplified and streamlined registration experience. The software enabled centralized management of paid registrations, providing a user-friendly platform where event professionals could register quickly and securely.

  • Journées Dermatologiques de Paris

    Journées Dermatologiques de Paris

    Leni delivered a high-quality performance during the Journées Dermatologiques de Paris held from December 5th to 9th in Paris. Our team managed the loading, broadcasting, and recording of no less than 890 interventions, taking place over 5 days and in 18 conference rooms simultaneously. Leni provided the projection, production, and continuous streaming of all highlighted sessions in the blue amphitheater, including plenary sessions, best-ofs, and the essential “Quoi de neuf” session. The management of 481 ePosters, including both Poster Challenge sessions with and without diagnosis, was a success. We implemented automatic switching on the terminals, providing an interactive and enriching experience for participants.

    Additionally, Leni ensured the reception management, including badge printing, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient registration for all participants. Finally, we equipped the stands to maximize their visual impact and create an environment conducive to exchanges and interaction. This diverse and flawlessly executed performance by Leni attests to our ability to provide comprehensive solutions for large-scale events.

  • GRCI 2023

    GRCI 2023

    Leni managed the technical aspects of GRCI 2023, showcasing expertise in implementing audiovisual solutions. We handled the preview, PIP recording in the Concorde room, and recorded all sessions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the event. Additionally, our access control solution accurately validated the attendance of participants in various sessions.

  • SOFCOT 2023

    SOFCOT 2023

    During the SOFCOT 2023 congress in Paris, Klipso developed the mobile application specifically dedicated to the event. This application provided participants with an immersive experience, with feature such as a members’ directory, real-time news updates, a detailed program, a list of exhibitors, abstract presentations, and an integrated map to facilitate navigation within the congress venue.

  • ESRA Congress 2023

    ESRA Congress 2023

    Leni provided the technological services during the ESRA Congress in Paris from September 6th to 9th. Leni’s performance was characterized by international presence, a preview room for speakers, efficient management of E-posters via EasyPoster, immersive video projection with substantial informative elements, and comprehensive video recording. This approach significantly contributed to the success of the event, enhancing Leni’s reputation as a trusted technological partner for international medical congresses.

  • FIC Canada 2023

    FIC Canada 2023

    At the InCyber North America Forum in Montreal on October 25 and 26, 2023, Leni provided essential services, including the management of participant registration forms and the provision of equipment for access control (handled by the client on-site). Close collaboration facilitated efficient coordination, with the client managing the scanners and providing necessary files for importing into the Klipso platform. This collaborative approach significantly contributed to the overall success of the event, ensuring an optimal experience for participants and smooth logistical management.

  • CNGTC Congress

    CNGTC Congress

    Leni participated as a service provider at the CNGCT congress, which took place on September 21 in Rennes. Leni offered a range of essential services, including basic participant management, badge distribution, conference coordination, and online attendance tracking. Basic participant management facilitated a smooth and precise registration process, making it easier for attendees to check in. Badge distribution contributed to swift and efficient participant identification. Finally, online attendance tracking provided a convenient solution for monitoring the presence of participants at various congress activities.

  • SGGG congress

    SGGG congress

    During the annual congress of the Swiss Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SGGG), which took place from June 29th to 30th, Leni delivered a quality service through its EasyPPT software. As an advanced presentation management software, EasyPPT played a crucial role in the seamless orchestration of activities within the conference rooms during this event. The ingenious features of this tool added significant value at every stage of the process.

    Behind the scenes, in the preview room, speakers were able to take advantage of the dedicated EasyPPT tool to download and manage their presentations easily and independently. This functionality allowed speakers to prepare with peace of mind, ensuring high-quality presentations on stage.

    During the conference room sessions, EasyPPT handled the automated and secure synchronization of presentations. Thanks to this automation, speakers could fully concentrate on delivering their content, eliminating distractions related to technical aspects. This contribution undoubtedly contributed to a smooth and professional conference experience for all participants.