Managing both online and onsite : from call to abstract to pre-registration. Providing top-notch onsite preview but also with virtual / hybrid capacities, Klipso is known to deliver strong end-to-end solutions for conferences and congresses organizers.

Manage members and participants

Member status check, registration based on category, tracks or sessions can be managed through Klipso

Manage complex content

Hybrid, PPT, with medias… online or onsite we manage all workflows in session rooms and live media broadcast. Be agile with the program and reflect last minute updates even to the mobile app !

Make it easy for speakers

From on-site preview room with years of expertise : hundreds of congress and conferences use Klipso preview tools & IT solutions. provide a similar experience to remote speakers.

Hybrid that really work

We have successfully migrated on-site preview tools to a user-friendly SaaS solution : speakers remain with a familiar environment with the Speaker virtual room where an administrator helps them through video chat to get ready for their presentation, while participant can experience flawless presentation onsite or online .

Manage sponsors or exhibition

Whether you have a simple list of premium sponsor or a large exhibition, our Savoir-faire in managing large tradeshows comes in handy : monetization, portals, online search and minister, mobile app features or lead retrieval : we have it all

On-site expertise

Besides top-notch software and virtualization, we have years of expertise in bring onsite experience from digital posters to badging or access control, and of course speaker preview ond content workflow / broadcast in rooms.


Klipso congress & conference is a specific set of features, all integrated to choose from whether you need participant management, partners, conference tools or track leads for your sponsors. With a unique hybrid offer, Klipso also delivers a strong expertise in on-site preview and content room management

Klipso congress

Key features include

Exhibitor and participant management
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  • CICA days 2023

    CICA days 2023

    The CICA days 2023 took place from January 15th to 17th, 2023, in Paris. The event included seminars, plenary sessions, symposiums, and various technical modules, for example, on telemedicine, new technologies, and the importance of diagnosis in chronic wounds.

    To ensure the smooth running of this event, Klipso provided several technical solutions tailored to the specific needs of the CICA days. One of these solutions is EasyPPT, a presentation management software.

    In the preview room, speakers were able to manage their presentations independently. During the conference sessions, EasyPPT ensured automated and secure synchronization of the presentations, allowing the speakers to fully focus on their speech without worrying about the technical aspects of slide management.

    Furthermore, EasyWebcast, another solution offered by Klipso, was used for capturing, recording, and streaming the event sessions on-site and remotely. This tool allowed for filming and recording the presentations, making them available for replay after the event. This facilitated greater accessibility and wider dissemination of the shared knowledge during the event.

    Moreover, Klipso provided streaming services, enabling real-time remote participants to follow the presentations and discussions.

    Finally, the rental service offered by Leni played an essential role in ensuring the smooth running of the event by providing computers, copiers, printers, and screens for the booths.

  • The European Days of the French Society of Cardiology (JESFC)

    The European Days of the French Society of Cardiology (JESFC)

    Leni has been pleased to work for many years on the European Days of the French Society of Cardiology (JESFC) organized by Europa Group, which aims to bring together cardiology professionals and cardiovascular health experts in Europe. Conferences, symposiums, and practical sessions, the ESDC allow a large number of physicians to share the latest advances in research and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

    To meet our client’s demand, we implemented our EasySuite solution, which includes: • eSlideCenter: a website that allows speakers to upload their presentations ahead of the congress. • EasyPPT: our presentation management software that enabled simultaneous management of the programs in the 22 conference rooms for this event. In the preview room, this dedicated tool allows speakers to download and manage their presentations easily and independently. In the conference room, synchronization is automated and secure, allowing speakers to focus on their presentations rather than the technical aspects. • EasyWebcast: another flagship tool of our software suite, this tool facilitated the capture, recording, and broadcasting of all conference presentations.

    Through these two Klipso tools, our client was able to collect, manage, and post-evently disseminate all scientific content that took place on-site, including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and video recordings.

    Lastly, we also provided rental and installation services for IT equipment for the organization, including reception areas, exhibitor booths, screens, and workstations.

  • WFOT congress 2022

    WFOT congress 2022

    We accompanied the WFOT 2022 Congress which took place from August 28 to 31, 2022. We provided the online submission platform for speakers, the preview (thanks to our specialized software solution), webcast recording of conferences and symposia and renting of our IT/AV equipment.

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  • Congress SPIN 2022

    Congress SPIN 2022

    The SPIN congress took place from July 6 to 8, 2022 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie in Paris. We created an online platform for the speakers, ensured the preview thanks to our specialized software, managed the speakers and E-posters. On site, we provided webcast recording services, exhibitor readers, badges and the rental of IT/AV equipment.

  • CNMST congress 2022

    CNMST congress 2022

    We were happy to accompany the National Congress of Occupational Medicine & Health which was held at the Palais des Congrès in Strasbourg, from June 14 to 17, 2022. We have created an online platform for speakers and have proposed our presentation management platform. We took care of the webcast recording of the speakers and symposiums and managed the speakers. We have also offered our IT/AV equipment for renting.

  • EuroPCR 2022

    EuroPCR 2022

    From May 17-20, 2022, EuroPCR was held in Paris in a hybrid model with on-site and online sessions. EuroPCR is a congress that covers a wide range in the field of interventional medicine. We accompanied our client on several parts of the project. First, we created an online platform for speakers (1,680+ submissions received), then we implemented our software solution specially developed for the management of presentations broadcast during congresses and conferences. We also provided the digital name badges, badges, badge holders and lanyards. We were very pleased to offer a wide range of IT/AV equipment rental for the reception desk and office spaces.

  • FIC congress

    FIC congress

    The International Cybersecurity Forum is the landmark event in Europe for security and digital trust. We have created an online pre-registration module on behalf of the client. Thanks to this tool, participants could register in advance and avoid long queues. We also took care of the on-site management.

  • SFP congress

    SFP congress

    The French Society of Pediatrics (SFP) brings together pediatricians regardless of their mode of practice, salaried or liberal. Every year, it organizes a congress which brings together around 3,000 participants. This year the congress took place onsite. We have set up an online pre-registration module allowing participants to register for the event. We took care of the on-site management, the virtualization of the congress thanks to our virtual room and we also managed the preview thanks to our software solution specially developed for the management of presentations broadcast during congresses and conferences. We were happy to manage badges, e-badges, rent of IT/AV equipment. Our Leni Tech Services teams ensured the webcast recording of the conferences and symposiums and we managed the livestreaming  as well as the management of the speakers.

  • Campus avocat

    Campus avocat

    Campus Avocat 2022 aims to train, find or meet professionals in the legal profession. This year’s session took place in the hybrid form from July 5 to 7, 2022. Leni accompanied her client on the digital and onsite level. We ensured the event recording, the management of on-site access and reserved spaces. Thanks to Klipso, our event software, we were able to set up a functional online ticketing system with a backend that manages all the workflows. We also created our client’s event site using Klipso’s CMS builder.

  • ACNF


    For more than 3 years, ACNF has been managing registrations for its congresses with the Saas Klipso software. For the 2021 edition, we have set up a digital platform dedicated to registrations, making it possible to consult the replays according to the profiles, and to access the “lives” of the plenary sessions and the “masterclasses” of the profession. We also managed on-site access controls.