Tradeshows, fairs, business meetings potentially involve a lot of components : here are the main features we address. Feel free to explore more details on selected features.

Manage visitors

Simple or complex participant online registration, participant interactions and Marketing automation

Manage Exhibitors

Advanced, configurable and automated exhibitor portals with eCommerce and full online Exhibitor participation management

Manage Floorplan

Manage Online (sales, exhibitors, participants) a floor plan that Syncs with Autocad for the tech teams and vendors

Manage Event

From registrations to surveys, matchmaking to project management or configurable suite of tools allow you to pilot all your event features at once

Manage Sales

Our ERP solutions can be customized toward your billing processes. Besides Exhibitors, it can be applied to Visitors or vendors as well. Our CRM is 100% geared toward exhibitions, with square meters, floorplan proposal etc…

Manage Onsite

Data security, do onsite what you do online. Have the best of technology under control : Badging, Ticketing, Exhibitor management, lead retrieval, mobile App, audience engagement tools and more. Deploy hardware, Network, AV with Leni Tech Services


Klipso exhibitions is a specific set of features, all integrated to choose from whether you need visitor management, Exhibitor management, ERP solutions, CRM, Access control, mobile applications or more.

klipso exhibition

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  • Reed Expositions

    Reed Expositions

    During the REED EXPOSITIONS trade show on March 18 and 19 at Paris Porte de Versailles, Leni provided essential technical services. We supplied the IT equipment for computerized check-in and the organizer’s office, as well as the PDAs for scanning entries. Thanks to thorough preparation in advance by our technical team, the equipment operated flawlessly throughout the event, ensuring smooth management of participant flow. This meticulousness was crucial to the success of the check-in process, even in the context of equipment rental services.

  • Sia’Pro 2024

    Sia’Pro 2024

    During the International Agriculture Show, SIAPRO, held from February 25th to 27th at Paris Porte de Versailles, Leni played a significant role in event management. Furthermore, through Klipso Exhibition, Leni ensured effective exhibitor management, enabling professionals in the sector to showcase their products and innovations under optimal conditions. Leni also streamlined registration for exclusively professional visitors. By offering on-site badge printing and implementing an intelligent access control system, Leni contributed to securing the event while ensuring a smooth and well-managed visitor flow.

  • Beauté Sélection Nantes 2024

    Beauté Sélection Nantes 2024

    During the Beauté Sélection trade show in Nantes, which took place on February 18th and 19th, Leni provided support through its event management platform Klipso, contributing to effective exhibitor management and ensuring a smooth flow of the exhibition. Leni also streamlined the registration process for individual visitors and groups, simplifying their access to the event. With the implementation of an on-site badge printing system and access control via badge readers, Leni ensured security while offering a seamless experience to participants.

  • Production Forum 2024

    Production Forum 2024

    During the Production Forum 2024 held from February 8th to 9th at the Parc Floral in Paris, Leni ensured badge printing directly at the event site, thus simplifying the accreditation process for participants. Additionally, Leni implemented an access control system at the entrances, ensuring both security and smooth visitor flow. Through data collection and the generation of detailed statistics, Leni provided organizers with valuable insights to assess the event’s success and plan even more successful future editions.

  • Retromobile 2024

    Retromobile 2024

    During Retromobile, which took place from January 31st to February 4th at Paris Porte de Versailles, Klipso Exhibition effectively managed all the present exhibitors. Special attention was given to the customization of PVC badges for exhibitors and their partner Richard Mille. With the use of intelligent PDA access control at entrances and the generation of precise statistics, Leni contributed to ensuring the smooth running of this major event in the classic automobile universe.

  • Grand Ski, Destination Montage 2024

    Grand Ski, Destination Montage 2024

    During the recent Grand Ski / Destination Montagne event in Chambéry on January 23rd and 24th, 2024, Leni provided a service including basic integration and an intelligent on-site access control system. Thanks to these services, access to the event was managed securely and efficiently for all participants.

  • Open Energies 2024

    Open Energies 2024

    During the Open Energies exhibition in Lyon from January 23rd to 24th, Leni handled pre-registration and on-site services. Thanks to these services, participants enjoyed simplified registration. Leni contributed to creating a smooth experience for the participants.

  • Europain 2024

    Europain 2024

    During Europain at Paris Porte Versailles, Leni provided efficient pre-registration services and on-site assistance. Thanks to these services, participants enjoyed simplified registration, contributing to a smooth and memorable experience for all.

  • SOREP 2024

    SOREP 2024

    Leni’s performance at the SOREP 2024 in Mulhouse was marked by the implementation of an exhibition extranet. This initiative demonstrated Leni’s commitment to innovate and provide relevant solutions. Thanks to this extranet, the organizer was able to manage all aspects of the exhibition on a single platform.

  • Paysalia Rocalia 2023

    Paysalia Rocalia 2023

    During the recent Paysalia Rocalia in Lyon, Leni demonstrated its expertise in professional trade shows by integrating effective solutions. The implementation of computerized check-in and multi-channel online registration forms simplified the participant registration process. This system allowed for a quick and efficient registration, thereby avoiding queues.