Tradeshows, fairs, business meetings potentially involve a lot of components : here are the main features we address. Feel free to explore more details on selected features.

Manage visitors

Simple or complex participant online registration, participant interactions and Marketing automation

Manage Exhibitors

Advanced, configurable and automated exhibitor portals with eCommerce and full online Exhibitor participation management

Manage Floorplan

Manage Online (sales, exhibitors, participants) a floor plan that Syncs with Autocad for the tech teams and vendors

Manage Event

From registrations to surveys, matchmaking to project management or configurable suite of tools allow you to pilot all your event features at once

Manage Sales

Our ERP solutions can be customized toward your billing processes. Besides Exhibitors, it can be applied to Visitors or vendors as well. Our CRM is 100% geared toward exhibitions, with square meters, floorplan proposal etc…

Manage Onsite

Data security, do onsite what you do online. Have the best of technology under control : Badging, Ticketing, Exhibitor management, lead retrieval, mobile App, audience engagement tools and more. Deploy hardware, Network, AV with Leni Tech Services


Klipso exhibitions is a specific set of features, all integrated to choose from whether you need visitor management, Exhibitor management, ERP solutions, CRM, Access control, mobile applications or more.

klipso exhibition

Key features include

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  • Flotauto 2023

    Flotauto 2023

    The Rencontres Flotauto Paris is an annual B2B exhibition dedicated to professional vehicle management and mobility solutions. For online ticketing management, Flotauto called upon Klipso and its ticketing module, which allowed participants to easily register online. Thanks to this solution, Flotauto was also able to access real-time registration data. In addition to online ticketing, Klipso provided Klipso Leads, a lead scanning application that enables exhibitors to scan contacts using their smartphones and qualify them for retrieval. We also provided the Matchmaking module with in-person meetings. Finally, Klipso also took charge of on-site event management to ensure the smooth running of the event.

  • Texworld 2023

    Texworld 2023

    This event brings together a thousand exhibitors from the fashion industry to provide professional buyers from around the world with a sourcing platform offering a wide variety of products, ranging from basic to creative and high-quality items. For ticket management, TEXWORLD used the intuitive and user-friendly Klipso platform, which allowed clients to access their badges online in a simple and fast manner, thereby optimizing the participants’ experience. Klipso also provided real-time tracking tools to enable TEXWORLD to monitor the event’s attendance. Finally, we ensured on-site management to ensure the smooth running of the event.

  • The Conference of Large Companies (CGLE)

    The Conference of Large Companies (CGLE)

    The Conference of Large Companies (CGLE), organized by IDEALCO, the annual essential meeting for water industry stakeholders, took place on January 25th and 26th, 2023. To ensure a seamless experience, IDEALCO collaborated with Klipso, which provided a robust online ticketing platform that allowed participants to easily reserve their badges. Thanks to the Klipso Leads application, exhibitors were able to securely scan, qualify, synchronize, and retrieve leads, facilitating lead management. We also handled on-site management by implementing registration stations and readers. We were also in charge of access control.

  • Rexel exhibition

    Rexel exhibition

    Rexel expo is the meeting place for energy professionals. The 2022 Edition took place from June 20 to 24 in Paris. To meet the needs of our client, we have set up an online pre-registration module allowing participants to register. We provided Klipso Leads licenses to the exhibitor stands and managed the event on site.

  • Sirha Green 2022

    Sirha Green 2022

    Sirha Green is the Food service trade fair. It took place from June 8 to 9 in Lyon. We have set up an online pre-registration module allowing participants to register. We also managed the event onsite.

  • EPHJ trade fair

    EPHJ trade fair

    EPHJ is the international trade fair for industry and high-precision craftsmanship for watchmaking-jewelry, microtechnology or medtech. The trade fair took place from June 14 to 17, 2022. To meet the needs of our client, we created a mobile application dedicated to the show. The organizer was able to inform the public throughout the event thanks to the various sections dedicated to content: practical information, program section: agenda of conferences/events, detailed and research sheets. Several features were made available: social networks, global search, notes, favourites, interactive map, push notification, monetization… An online pre-registration module was made available. We also provided Klipso Leads licenses for stands and managed on site.

  • Flotauto trade fair

    Flotauto trade fair

    Flotauto is the trade fair for the professional vehicles management and mobility solutions. To meet the needs of our client, we have created an online pre-registration space that allows participants to register easily. The client also opted for a lead management solution: Klipso Leads mobile app. Thanks to it, the exhibitors had the opportunity to scan and qualify the leads according to a survey. Leni also took care of the on-site management.

  • Première Vision

    Première Vision

    Première Vision Paris brings together all the players in the raw materials and services necessary for the production of clothing, bags and shoes and costume jewellery. The trade fair took place from July 5 to 7. Leni set up the online pre-registration platform to optimize visitor participation. Leni also took care of the on-site management.

  • Texworld


    Texworld Evolution Paris brought together 1,500 exhibitors from the Fashion industry. The trade faire features a thousand international weavers from Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Turkey, etc. To maximize the attendee experience, Leni created the trade fair’s personalized mobile app with multiple features. : content, global search, notes, favorites, interactive map, push notification, monetization, etc. Exhibitors were entitled to Klipso leads licenses to scan and capture leads. Participants could register online using Klipso’s pre-registration module. Leni also took care of the on-site management.

  • Ile de France
    Mayors’ Fair

    Ile de France
    Mayors’ Fair

    The Ile de France Mayors’ Fair  is the regional meeting which brings together all the major players in public procurement with all of their institutional or specialized partners in management, services, planning and development of local authorities. Thanks to Leni’s online pre-registration module, participants could pre-register for the event and avoiding long queues on site. We also took care of the on-site management. To create an engaged experience with participants, we have provided exhibitors with a Klipso Leads license which allows participants’ badges to be scanned. The exhibitors found all the data in their space, carried out sorting and accessed the qualification sheet for each contact. The exhibitors were able to qualify each lead and exported the contact file.