Tradeshows, fairs, business meetings potentially involve a lot of components : here are the main features we address. Feel free to explore more details on selected features.

Manage visitors

Simple or complex participant online registration, participant interactions and Marketing automation

Manage Exhibitors

Advanced, configurable and automated exhibitor portals with eCommerce and full online Exhibitor participation management

Manage Floorplan

Manage Online (sales, exhibitors, participants) a floor plan that Syncs with Autocad for the tech teams and vendors

Manage Event

From registrations to surveys, matchmaking to project management or configurable suite of tools allow you to pilot all your event features at once

Manage Sales

Our ERP solutions can be customized toward your billing processes. Besides Exhibitors, it can be applied to Visitors or vendors as well. Our CRM is 100% geared toward exhibitions, with square meters, floorplan proposal etc…

Manage Onsite

Data security, do onsite what you do online. Have the best of technology under control : Badging, Ticketing, Exhibitor management, lead retrieval, mobile App, audience engagement tools and more. Deploy hardware, Network, AV with Leni Tech Services


Klipso exhibitions is a specific set of features, all integrated to choose from whether you need visitor management, Exhibitor management, ERP solutions, CRM, Access control, mobile applications or more.

klipso exhibition

Trusted by

  • Paysalia Rocalia 2023

    Paysalia Rocalia 2023

    During the recent Paysalia Rocalia in Lyon, Leni demonstrated its expertise in professional trade shows by integrating effective solutions. The implementation of computerized check-in and multi-channel online registration forms simplified the participant registration process. This system allowed for a quick and efficient registration, thereby avoiding queues.

  • Tourissima Lille 2024

    Tourissima Lille 2024

    Leni handled the management of professionals at Tourissima Lille by implementing a dedicated registration form, simplifying access for exhibitors. Leni also orchestrated a seamless access control for all participants and provided statistics, thereby contributing to the overall success of the Tourissima Lille 2024 exhibition.

  • Energaia 2023

    Energaia 2023

    Leni recently demonstrated her expertise during her performance at the ENERGAIA 2023 exhibition, where our team stood out by ensuring flawless exhibitor management. We provided a web platform that offers a comprehensive solution to exhibitors, allowing easy online registration followed by access to a complete extranet. This extranet offers exhibitors a range of services related to the exhibition, from additional orders to the option of online payment, including the management of invitations, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience.

  • Salon des Maires de la Côte d’Or

    Salon des Maires de la Côte d’Or

    As part of the “Salon des Maires de la Côte d’Or” event, Leni implemented an online registration form, simplifying the registration process for participants. Our dedicated team ensured comprehensive registration management, providing a smooth and efficient experience for all participants. Furthermore, with our “onsite” service, Leni demonstrated its ability to execute seamless event management. We provided a physical presence to address participants’ needs on-site, ensuring that every detail of the registration process was handled with precision.

  • VS PACK 2023

    VS PACK 2023

    Leni orchestrated the digital and technical provision of the VS PACK exhibition. Our team implemented an online registration system with e-badge issuance, streamlining the registration process for participants. Through the effective use of the Klipso Leads badge reader, we ensured lead retrieval, facilitating exchanges during the exhibition.

    With a focus on access control and post-event management, Leni also implemented the sending of PDAs, ensuring precise entry tracking while facilitating post-event dismantling. This service testifies to our ongoing commitment to provide innovative technological solutions to optimize the event experience for our clients within the framework of VS PACK.

  • Milipol Paris 2023

    Milipol Paris 2023

    Leni’s performance at Milipol Paris 2023, from November 14 to 17, was outstanding. In charge of managing exhibitors, visitors, and access control with badge readers, Leni ensured a smooth and secure flow of the event. With over 30,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors, this 23rd edition benefited from Leni’s services, further enhancing Milipol’s reputation as a must-attend global event for safety and internal security.

  • SEPEM Angers

    SEPEM Angers

    During the SEPEM exhibition in Angers, which took place from October 10 to 12, Leni provided a comprehensive service covering computerized reception, efficient badge production, and the implementation of access control. In addition to these essential services, Leni also created visitor registration sites for the event. This holistic approach optimized participant management, ensured secure access control, and guaranteed an integrated and smooth experience for all stakeholders at SEPEM Angers.

  • Paris Games Week 2023

    Paris Games Week 2023

    During the Paris Games Week, from November 1 to 5 at Paris Porte de Versailles, Leni provided a comprehensive service, including registration management (excluding the general public), coordination of badges for setup and teardown, implementation of intelligent access control with 25 PDAs, and sending SMS alerts to the organizer. This service played a crucial role in the success of the event by ensuring a smooth and secure experience for participants and exhibitors.

  • Flotauto Lyon 2023

    Flotauto Lyon 2023

    At the Flotauto exhibition in Lyon on October 19, 2023, Klipso by Leni provided a quality service on behalf of its client. We delivered an interactive website, electronic participation forms, a matchmaking function, on-site management, as well as Klipsoleads licenses and readers. This collaboration facilitated a smooth and optimized experience for participants, covering all aspects of the exhibition from online registration to tracking leads generated during the event.

  • SILMO 2023

    SILMO 2023

    Leni provided services during the Silmo exhibition, which took place from September 29 to October 2. As a service provider, Leni ensured the quality of the experience for both visitors and exhibitors. Their scope of work included access management, entrance control, as well as the efficient management of badge readers.

    At the heart of the Silmo exhibition, dedicated to professionals from various fields working on improving vision and the beauty of the gaze, Leni stood out for their professionalism and dedication. Visitors and exhibitors benefited from a smooth experience thanks to their expertise in access control, ensuring a constant and organized flow throughout the event.