Tradeshows, fairs, business meetings potentially involve a lot of components : here are the main features we address. Feel free to explore more details on selected features.

Manage visitors

Simple or complex participant online registration, participant interactions and Marketing automation

Manage Exhibitors

Advanced, configurable and automated exhibitor portals with eCommerce and full online Exhibitor participation management

Manage Floorplan

Manage Online (sales, exhibitors, participants) a floor plan that Syncs with Autocad for the tech teams and vendors

Manage Event

From registrations to surveys, matchmaking to project management or configurable suite of tools allow you to pilot all your event features at once

Manage Sales

Our ERP solutions can be customized toward your billing processes. Besides Exhibitors, it can be applied to Visitors or vendors as well. Our CRM is 100% geared toward exhibitions, with square meters, floorplan proposal etc…

Manage Onsite

Data security, do onsite what you do online. Have the best of technology under control : Badging, Ticketing, Exhibitor management, lead retrieval, mobile App, audience engagement tools and more. Deploy hardware, Network, AV with Leni Tech Services


Klipso exhibitions is a specific set of features, all integrated to choose from whether you need visitor management, Exhibitor management, ERP solutions, CRM, Access control, mobile applications or more.

klipso exhibition

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  • Intermarché ANM 2023

    Intermarché ANM 2023

    Leni’s involvement at the Intermarché ANM 2023 trade show in Bondoufle consisted of implementing two essential services to facilitate exhibitor participation: the management of Participation Requests (PR) and the creation of an exhibitor extranet. The PR management streamlined the registration process for companies wishing to exhibit at the event by ensuring efficient collection of the required information. The exhibitor extranet, on the other hand, provided exhibitors with user-friendly access to essential information, allowing them to update their data, download important documents, and communicate with the organizers.

  • Grand Pavois 2023

    Grand Pavois 2023

    Leni’s contribution to the Grand Pavois event, which took place from September 20 to 25 in La Rochelle, was of paramount importance for the efficient management of this large-scale maritime event. Leni provided a comprehensive range of services, including an exhibitor management tool, a web solution that allowed exhibitors to register for the event and access their dedicated space, among other features.

    Within this private space, exhibitors had the opportunity to locate their stands using the Klipso Map tool and send e-invitations to visitors. Additionally, visitors could purchase their tickets through the Klipso ticketing platform. Leni also implemented an on-site cash register system and ensured access control. All of these services significantly contributed to the smooth operations and the satisfaction of all participants.

  • Paris Retail Week 2023

    Paris Retail Week 2023

    Klipso’s involvement in the Paris Retail Week, which took place from September 19 to 21 in Paris, made a significant impact on the successful management of this major event within the retail community. Klipso provided an extensive range of services, including the Visitor Badge and the Exhibitor Badge. The access control measures ensured venue security while allowing only authorized individuals to access the premises. Moreover, the seamless coordination with the SIEC facilitated the smooth flow of visitors and exhibitors between the two events, enhancing the overall experience. Lastly, the badge reader simplified participant identification, offering a practical solution for data collection.

  • SIEC 2023

    SIEC 2023

    Klipso by Leni delivered a comprehensive range of services at the SIEC exhibition, which spanned from September 19 to 20. These services encompassed the Visitor Badge, the Exhibitor Badge, access control, interconnectivity with restricted access for Paris Retail Week participants, and a badge reader. These offerings played a pivotal role in the seamless event management, facilitating participant tracking, enhancing access security, and collecting indispensable data

  • RAIC 2023

    RAIC 2023

    Leni participated as a service provider in the “Rencontres de l’Action Internationale des Collectivités (RAIC),” which took place from September 18 to 19 in Paris. Leni managed pre-registration (PE) using its Klipso tool and on-site management to ensure an optimal experience for participants. The pre-registration allowed participants to register and prepare for their participation in the event with ease. This solution streamlined the registration process and facilitated the planning of meetings and activities. On-site management was essential to ensure a smooth execution of the event.

  • Aesthetics & Spa Meetings 2023

    Aesthetics & Spa Meetings 2023

    Leni’s participation in the Aesthetics & Spa Meetings, which took place on September 17, 2023, made a significant contribution to the event. Leni provided its Klipso solution for managing the meetings and pre-registration, thereby simplifying the participants’ experience and ensuring an efficient process. Leni’s service enhanced the efficiency of interactions among beauty and spa professionals, while also fostering an environment conducive to collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.

  • Clermont-Cournon Trade Fair 2023

    Clermont-Cournon Trade Fair 2023

    The Clermont-Cournon Trade Fair, which took place from September 14th to 18th, 2023, in Clermont-Ferrand, benefited from Leni’s services. Their services were essential in ensuring the success of the event. Leni provided efficient exhibitor management, simplifying their participation and enhancing their experience. Thanks to its interactive floor plan, Leni was able to facilitate visitors’ navigation within the fair. Furthermore, with its web solution, Leni offered exhibitors the opportunity to register for the exhibition, access their personalized space, and manage their information with ease.

  • Espace Collectivités exhibition

    Espace Collectivités exhibition

    Leni participated as a service provider at the Espace Collectivités exhibition, which took place from September 14th to 15th at Base Aérienne 217 in Brétigny-sur-Orge. Leni played a crucial role in the management of this major event. By providing a dedicated website for the exhibition, Leni made it easy for both visitors and exhibitors to access essential information. Pre-registration forms simplified the registration process, while parking kiosks for visitors and exhibitors optimized parking logistics. The exhibitor area, managed by Leni, provided a professional experience for exhibitors. Additionally, on-site management of pedestrian access and parking ensured efficient circulation.

  • Mondial Coiffure Beauté 2023 MCB

    Mondial Coiffure Beauté 2023 MCB

    Leni participated as a service provider at the Mondial Coiffure Beauté event at Paris Porte de Versailles from September 9th to 11th. Its flagship services included trade fair management, Klipso Map for interactive stand mapping, badge management and access control. These services streamlined exhibitor participation, enhanced visitor experience, bolstered security, all while creating a friendly atmosphere.

  • Santexpo & Nursing Fair 2023

    Santexpo & Nursing Fair 2023

    SantExpo is an event organized by the Hospital Federation of France that brings together decision-makers and healthcare professionals involved in management, administration, digitalization, care pathways, patient experience, equipment, materials, construction, and transformation of healthcare facilities each year. The use of Klipso solutions has helped optimize the management of SantExpo and Salon Infirmiers events. With the exhibitor management solutions, registrations have been simplified, providing a seamless experience for participating companies. Klipso’s online ticketing system has facilitated visitor registration, reducing queues at the entrance. On-site management has allowed for efficient organization of visitor and exhibitor flows. Lastly, Klipso’s Kliposleads licenses and Kliposreader devices have improved lead collection, facilitating post-event follow-up.