Self-serve kiosks

Enable your attendees to register, scan and print their own badge as they arrive on your event. This solution is perfect for the last minute registrations and sustainable (no printing for no-shows).

On-site kiosks
Mobile app badge

Mobile app badge

Give your attendees the opportunity to have digital badge from your mobile app. This solution is completely paperless and enables participants to check their agenda, the program of sessions, networking and all their event information.

Flexible to meet your events

Select your badge material, technology and printing capabilities and choose if you want to print it before your event or during your event (at checking). Remember that all the badges with QR codes enable to your participants to use our onsite solutions as lead retrieval.

Flexible to meet your events
Badge design

Badge design

Create a flawless badges tailored to your brand image. You can use different colors to categorize attendees types. Use your badge as an advertising space by featuring sponsor logos and provide additional revenue opportunities.

Badging Feature Glossary

  • Fully integrated to Klipso
  • Customized badges
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highlight of sponsors
  • Technical support
  • Real time insights
  • Secured to the highest standard
  • A smart technology
  • Increase Brand awareness

Examples of using badging

Trade fairs & exhibitions

Control access on your trade fairs and exhibitions by using Klipso badging solution.

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