Self-serve kiosks

Enabling your attendees to register, scan and print their own badge as they arrive at your event is a convenient and sustainable solution that benefits both the event organizers and the attendees. With this solution, attendees can register on-site and quickly print their own badge, eliminating the need for long registration lines and wait times.

The process of self-registration and badge printing is typically done using a self-service kiosk, which attendees can use to input their registration information and receive their personalized badge. This process can be made even faster and more convenient by providing attendees with a pre-registration link or QR code that they can scan on their mobile device to expedite the check-in process.

One of the major benefits of this self-registration and badge printing system is its sustainability. By enabling attendees to print their own badges as they arrive, you can reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of your event. This is particularly important when it comes to no-shows or last-minute cancellations, as traditional badge printing methods would result in the unnecessary printing of badges that ultimately go unused.

In addition to being more sustainable, this solution is also more cost-effective for event organizers. By eliminating the need for staff to print and distribute badges, organizers can reduce staffing costs and reallocate resources to other areas of the event.

Overall, enabling attendees to register, scan, and print their own badges is a win-win solution for both event organizers and attendees. It improves the check-in process, saves time, reduces waste, and can help to make your event more sustainable and cost-effective.

On-site kiosks
Mobile app badge

Mobile app badge

Creating digital badges within a mobile app is a great way to provide a paperless and convenient solution for event attendees. The badge includes the attendee’s name, job title, company name, and any other relevant information that can help identify them during the event. The badge feature is integrate to your event mobile app.

By implementing this solution, attendees can easily access their event information and check their agenda, program of sessions, and networking opportunities right from their mobile device. It also eliminates the need for physical badges and reduces the use of paper, making your event more eco-friendly.

Flexible to meet your events

When selecting the materials for your badges, you should consider the durability, cost, and environmental impact of each option. Popular materials include paper, plastic, vinyl, or even fabric. Each material has its pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully based on your event needs and budget.

In terms of technology and printing capabilities, you should decide whether you want to print badges before the event or during the event. Printing before the event can save time and ensure that badges are ready to go when attendees arrive. However, printing during the event can provide more flexibility if there are last-minute changes or updates to attendee information.

Finally, it’s important to consider whether you want to include QR codes on your badges. QR codes can be used for lead retrieval and other onsite solutions, providing an added benefit for both attendees and exhibitors. Overall, the key is to make choices that align with your event objectives and enhance the attendee experience.

Flexible to meet your events
Badge design

Badge design

When creating badges for your event, it’s important to make them look professional and consistent with your brand image. One way to do this is by using different colors to categorize attendee types. For example, you could use one color for speakers, another for VIPs, and a third for regular attendees. This can help make it easy to identify different groups of attendees at a glance.

Another way to enhance your badges is by using them as an advertising space. You can feature sponsor logos on the badges and provide additional revenue opportunities. This is a great way to showcase your sponsors and provide them with extra exposure at your event. It can also help offset the cost of printing and distributing badges.

Overall, the goal is to create badges that are not only functional but also visually appealing and aligned with your brand image. By using colors to categorize attendees and featuring sponsor logos, you can create badges that not only serve their practical purpose but also contribute to the overall success of your event.

Badging Feature Glossary

  • Fully integrated to Klipso
  • Customized badges
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highlight of sponsors
  • Technical support
  • Real time insights
  • Secured to the highest standard
  • A smart technology
  • Increase Brand awareness

Examples of using badging

Trade fairs & exhibitions

Control access on your trade fairs and exhibitions by using Klipso badging solution.

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